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Years of brokerage experience and overseeing more than 40,000 transactions (so far) have afforded me superior real estate brokerage experience which qualifies me to assist and train new agents, help mentor experienced agents and also serve as a resource for peers and colleagues with multiple models.


As a REALTOR and industry leader, I have lead not only REALTOR associations, but also a MLS, PAC, State-wide Issues Campaign, Educational Foundation and other non-profits.  I understand the importance of organization, vision and a partnership between interested parties and key volunteers and staff. 


I welcome the opportunity to assist and continue to serve.  Please contact me for any assistance.  I have spoken all over the U.S. and in several foreign countries. I would be glad to help your business or association in any way.  


I have key experience in:

  • Leadership Transitioning and Planning

  • Brokerage Management and Leadership

  • Leadership Keynotes

  • Meeting Management

  • Public Speaking

  • Real Estate Trends 

  • History of the Association and Real Estate

  • Harnessing Volunteer Power

  • or design something custom for your group


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